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THE PLOT Rescuing the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk was not just about what happened at sea and on the beaches…

At the end of May 1940, the German panzer divisions, which had bludgeoned their way through France, halted at the canal line south of Dunkirk. Three days later they advanced again, intending to encircle and capture half a million soldiers, many of them British. They would have succeeded had it not been for the heroic British soldiers who stood in their path. Their job was to shield the corridor up which the rest of the Army was retreating to Dunkirk; they were not to give way until they had fired their last bullets. They were to fight to the last man. Click here to know more

It revealed for the first time five unabridged personal accounts describing what it was really like in the front line in and around Dunkirk. Click here to know more

This special 75th Anniversary edition does not include the following sections which were in the original hardback and paperback: chapter end Notes, as well as Appendices, Dramatis Personae and Abbreviations. Click here to see them

TASTER: 1ST CHAPTER The book begins with a fly on the wall account of the scene inside the French

commander’s château after the Germans broke through his troops’ front line.

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