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THE PLOT  If asked to describe what happened during the Battle of the Somme, most people would refer to the tragic loss of life and the stoic endurance by British and its allies’ troops in the trenches after incompetent generals sent their men walking towards the German guns like lambs to the slaughter. While it is true that the generals’ inexperience and lack of foresight on the Somme led to overall failure, the Battle of the Somme was punctuated by a series of successful attacks and rearguard actions which if exploited intelligently could have led to a very different result. Concrete dividends from the repeated do or die attempts to defeat the Germans may be hard to identify. However there was a positive underlying message. Not only did the Battle form a crucial part of the learning process which helped the British generals adopt winning tactics eventually, but it also ripped the heart out of the German Army. It was certainly not a British victory, but it was the beginning of the German slide towards defeat. Click here to know more

TASTER: 1ST CHAPTER The book begins with a description of the British soldiers waiting for the mine to be exploded under a German strongpoint near the sleepy French village of Beaumont Hamel on 1 July 1916.

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